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Photo Gallery: Property Ministry Photo Gallery
Property Ministry Photo Gallery
The new kitchen island
And The kitchen is coming along too! Check out the new kitchen island that Pete Jarrett built.
Viewed 1740 times
The renovated Fellowship Hall
Thanks to alot of dedication and hard work, the Fellowship Hall renovation process is coming along!
Viewed 1837 times
Viewed 1868 times
Nearly done
Viewed 1841 times
Removing the half walls
Viewed 1901 times
Taking off the plywood
Viewed 1860 times
Removing the old stage
Viewed 1944 times
Wally Faulkner and Pete Jarrett
Plumbing is not a fun job- replacing the sink traps
Viewed 1931 times
Bill Underwood
Cleaning the connectors of the sound system
Viewed 1917 times
Barbara McFall & Norman Singletary
Weeding and pulling vines from the shrubs
Viewed 1852 times
Angie Mahurin
Just finished hedging the shrubs
Viewed 1929 times
Dan Gentry setting tall in the saddle
Lots of grove area to mow
Viewed 1999 times
Bill Underwood & Wally Faulkner
Repairing and adjusting a sprinkler head
Viewed 1905 times
Barbara McFall & Angie Mahurin
Clean and weed around the air conditioner units
Viewed 1890 times
The Women Clean and organize the kitchen
Ann Jarrett , Barbara Lemmon, Alice Lemmon, BettyHaselwood,& Mae Singletarty
Viewed 1950 times
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